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Slice LogoOrder pickup and delivery from the best independent pizzerias near you.

The app shops trust.

Ordering pizza on the Slice app is a win win. You get the food you love while supporting pizzerias. Plus, there are no crazy fees for you or the shop. Get started with the app 16,000 pizzerias count on.

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Grow business. Gain regulars.

Independent shops deserve the tools that big pizza chains thrive on. Our online ordering and automated marketing helps increase your profits by creating more loyal customers and saving you time.

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Ordering is quick, easy, and makes me feel good because I know I’m doing right by my pizzeria. Plus, the app lets me reorder instantly!

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Bottom line, Slice saves us a ton of money. We’ve been able to keep our prices low, use high-quality ingredients, and provide a better order experience for our customers.



Bravo Kosher Pizza, Manhattan

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The app is like a magic pizza button on my phone. I can find deals, customize my pie, and my local shop prefers it too. Win, win.


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With the Slice app, local pizzerias get a bigger piece of the market.

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Slice helps local pizzerias get online and fight back against Domino’s.

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Your food delivery habit is killing local pizza shops, but this app wants to help.

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Order the pizza you love while giving small pizzerias a way to stay in the game with the big pizza players.


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