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Almost all of us use different social media networks to promote our businesses, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. While we use these networks to connect with our future and current customers, there are also social networks that allow you to chat with other like-minded business professionals.

While LinkedIn may be the leader in social networking for professionals, there are a variety of other networks that allow for community and networking in different ways. With existing networks and new networks, there are plenty to chose from that all fit your needs and wants in finding a community of professionals to network with.

Here are 20 social networking sites for entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, bloggers, and other professionals that are worth looking at and joining to help your networking and promoting efforts, along with learning from other professionals.


AngelList is a social network that connects startups with investors to help raise funding; also allows for browsing of jobs at startups.

➤ AngelList


Beyond helps millions of professionals network with each other and find jobs to advance their careers.

➤ Beyond

Black Business Women Online

Black Business Women Online is a blog and online community for black women entrepreneurs and professionals.

➤ Black Business Women Online

Data.com Connect

Data.com Connect is an online community to share ideas, get feedback, and discuss industry best practices.

➤ Data.com Connect


E.Factor is an online community paired with a virtual marketplace designed for entrepreneurs by other entrepreneurs.

➤ E.Factor


Gadball is a LinkedIn alternative that features profile and resume creation and job searching.

➤ Gadball


Gust connects startups with a large pool of investors across the world to help raise early-stage funding.

➤ Gust


LinkedIn is a professional network that allows you to be introduced to and collaborate with other professionals.

➤ LinkedIn


Meetup is a networking website for finding like-minded groups and meetup opportunities locally.

➤ Meetup

Networking for Professionals

Networking for Professionals is a business network that combines online business networking and real-life events.

➤ Networking for Professionals


Opportunity is a business network built around a lead generation tool that connects you to other professionals who could bring you leads, sales, and clients.

➤ Opportunity


PartnerUp is a Google+ community connecting small business owners and entrepreneurs.

➤ PartnerUp


PerfectBusiness is a network of entrepreneurs, investors, and business experts who encourage entrepreneurship and mutual success.

➤ PerfectBusiness


Plaxo is an enhanced address book tool for networking and staying in contact.

➤ Plaxo


Quibb is a social network that connects professionals through the use of business news and informed commentary.

➤ Quibb


Ryze is a business networking community that allows users to organize themselves by interest, location, and current and past employers.

➤ Ryze


StartupNation is a community focused on the exchange of ideas between entrepreneurs and new and aspiring business owners.

➤ StartupNation


Upspring is a social networking site for promotion and social networking.

➤ Upspring


Viadeo offers social networking for professionals, mostly popular in France, but has members from around the world.

➤ Viadeo


XING is a European business network with more than 7 million members.


Do you have any other social networking sites for business that you use? Which one has worked the best for your business? Let us know in the comments.

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